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Free Download Study Materials for NSOU's UG Courses

Created by Gateway -Netaji Subhas Open University in NSOU UG 13 Nov 2023

Unlock Your Learning: Download Study Materials for NSOU's UG Courses

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on accessing study materials for the Undergraduate (UG) courses at Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU). Whether you're a first-year student or in your final year, our blog post will help you navigate through the university's e-SLM (Self Learning Material) and download the resources you need for your academic success.

Why NSOU's e-SLM?

NSOU, accredited by NAAC with grade 'A', is committed to providing quality education through its well-structured online services. The e-SLM platform is a testament to this commitment, offering detailed course materials across various subjects.

Accessing Study Materials

Below are the tables with links to download study materials for each subject and semester:

CORE PAPER (CC) - 1st & 2nd Year


HBG1st Year_Sem 1CC-BG-01Download
1st Year_Sem 1CC-BG-02Download
1st Year_Sem 2 CC-BG-03
1st Year_Sem 2CC-BG-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-BG-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-BG-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-BG-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-BG-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-BG-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-BG-10 Detail
HEG1st Year_Sem 1CC-EG-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-EG-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-EG-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-EG-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-EG-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-EG-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-EG-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-EG-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-EG-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-EG-10 Detail
HHI1st Year_Sem 1CC-HI-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-HI-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-HI-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-HI-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-HI-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-HI-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-HI-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-HI-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-HI-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-HI-10 Detail
HPS1st Year_Sem 1CC-PS-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-PS-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-PS-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-PS-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PS-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PS-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PS-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PS-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PS-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PS-10 Detail
HPA1st Year_Sem 1CC-PA-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-PA-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-PA-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-PA-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PA-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PA-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PA-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PA-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PA-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PA-10 Detail
HSO1st Year_Sem 1CC-SO-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-SO-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-SO-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-SO-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-SO-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-SO-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-SO-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-SO-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-SO-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-SO-10 Detail
HCO1st Year_Sem 1CC-CO-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-CO-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-CO-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-CO-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-CO-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-CO-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-CO-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-CO-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-CO-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-CO-10 Detail
HEC1st Year_Sem 1CC-EC-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-EC-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-EC-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-EC-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-EC-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-EC-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-EC-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-EC-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-EC-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-EC-10 Detail
HED1st Year_Sem 1CC-ED-01 Bengali Version
 English Version
1st Year_Sem 1CC-ED-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-ED-03 Bengali Version
 English Version
1st Year_Sem 2CC-ED-04 Bengali Version
 English Version
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-ED-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-ED-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-ED-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-ED-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-ED-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-ED-10 Detail
HPH1st Year_Sem 1CC-PH-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-PH-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-PH-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-PH-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PH-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PH-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-PH-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PH-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PH-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-PH-10 Detail
HCH1st Year_Sem 1CC-CH-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-CH-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-CH-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-CH-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-CH-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-CH-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-CH-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-CH-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-CH-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-CH-10 Detail
HMT1st Year_Sem 1CC-MT-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-MT-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-MT-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-MT-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-MT-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-MT-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-MT-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-MT-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-MT-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-MT-10 Detail
HGR1st Year_Sem 1CC-GR-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-GR-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-GR-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-GR-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-GR-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-GR-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-GR-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-GR-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-GR-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-GR-10 Detail
HZO1st Year_Sem 1CC-ZO-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-ZO-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-ZO-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-ZO-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-ZO-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-ZO-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-ZO-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-ZO-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-ZO-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-ZO-10 Detail
HBT1st Year_Sem 1CC-BT-01 Detail
1st Year_Sem 1CC-BT-02 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-BT-03 Detail
1st Year_Sem 2CC-BT-04 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-BT-05 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-BT-06 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 3CC-BT-07 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-BT-08 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-BT-09 Detail
2nd Year_Sem 4CC-BT-10 Detail

Generic Elective (GE)

GE-EC-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-CO-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-BG-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-EG-111st Year_Sem 1Not Received
GE-HI-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-PS-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-SO-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-ZO-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-GR-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-BT-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-CH-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-MT-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-PH-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-ED-111st Year_Sem 1 Detail
GE-EC-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-CO-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-BG-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-EG-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-HI-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-PS-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-SO-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-ZO-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-GR-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-BT-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-CH-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-MT-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-PH-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-ED-211st Year_Sem 2 Detail
GE-EC-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-CO-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-BG-312nd Year_Sem 3Not Received
GE-EG-312nd Year_Sem 3Not Received
GE-HI-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-PS-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-SO-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-ZO-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-GR-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-BT-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-CH-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-MT-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-PH-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-ED-312nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
GE-EC-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-CO-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-BG-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-EG-412nd Year_Sem 4Not Received
GE-HI-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-HI-422nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-PS-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-PS-422nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-SO-412nd Year_Sem 4Not Received
GE-SO-422nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-ZO-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-GR-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-BT-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-CH-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-CH-422nd Year_Sem 4Not Received
GE-MT-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-PH-412nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
GE-ED-412nd Year_Sem 4Not Received
GE-ED-422nd Year_Sem 5 Detail

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)

AE-BG-11 - Bengali1st Year_Sem 1 Detail
AE-EG-12 - English1st Year_Sem 1 Detail
AE-ES-21 - Environmental Studies1st Year_Sem 2 Detail

Skill Enhancement Compulsory Course (SEC)

SE-PH-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-PH-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-CH-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-CH-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-MT-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-MT-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-GR-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-GR-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-ZO-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-ZO-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-BT-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-BT-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-BG-112nd Year_Sem 3Not Received
SE-BG-212nd Year_Sem 4Not Received
SE-EG-112nd Year_Sem 3Not Received
SE-EG-212nd Year_Sem 4Not Received
SE-PS-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-PS-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-HI-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-HI-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-SO-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-SO-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-ED-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-ED-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-EC-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-EC-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-CO-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-CO-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail
SE-PA-112nd Year_Sem 3 Detail
SE-PA-212nd Year_Sem 4 Detail


Q: How do I access the study materials?
A: Click on the 'Download' link next to the course and paper you are interested in. It will direct you to the material on NSOU's website.

Q: Are these materials free to access?
A: Yes, NSOU provides these study materials for free to its students.

Q: Can I find materials for all UG courses on this page?
A: This page covers a wide range of UG courses, but for the most updated and comprehensive list, always refer to the
NSOU Undergraduate Online Services page.

Q: What should I do if a link is not working?
A: If you encounter a broken link, please contact NSOU's support or visit their official website for assistance.

Stay Updated

For the latest updates and information on courses and materials, keep visiting the NSOU Undergraduate Online Services page.

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